Are you responsible and self-oriented?

Do you like to work in a fast-paced environment?

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Are you an influencer or do you have some communication skills?

Do you like to talk to people, interact and share information about yourself?

Do you know how to use Social networks?


If you responded yes to one of these 3 questions, it’s very probable that you’ll like to work with the Influencer marketing industry.


Such as the word-of-mouth, information travels fast and here at inCast we are very aware of that. How information among people works, to convince and to get convinced, to engage, help and interact with each other, all the possible communication tools and ways we can find online are crucial to the influencer marketing, both ends (Brands x Creators).


That said, if you believe you have skills and passion enough to take care of people, on both sides of the equation, you’ll love inCast and you’ll love the Influencer marketing industry. It’s a lot of fun, work and crazy happenings. We love it!


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