Do you already know inCast Direct Booking?


Tired of receiving strange and confusing proposals? Let inCast take care of it for you!

Become an inCast partner influencer and receive proposals with just one click.

We know that trading and creating content can take up a lot of your time. Therefore, we will help you in everything!

How it works?

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Cool, right?



Click on “I want to participate"



Receive your Direct Booking page with your information



Your inCast Virtual Agent  will step in and help you to take care of everything


In adction,

inCast influencer partners have benefits such as:

  • Management and support in your projects negotiation

  • Priority in campaign selections from inCast

  • Weekly report on the negotiation of your orders

  • Educational content with access to webinars and events from inCast and our partners such as TikTok, YouPix, VidCon and more

  • Receive products and/or services from our customers and partners

  • Invitations and exclusive sessions at @FunCast

  • Bonus for collaboration and/or referral

  • ZERO commission*

  • Payment guarantee

  • Receive $25 dollar² per client that contacts you

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In Direct Booking, creators are partners and not exclusives. You are free to work with other clients and brands, as long as you do not interfere with or disrespect the rules of the campaigns you are part of with inCast.

If you want to be an inCast partner influencer and go beyond with your content, just confirm below and one of our Talent Managers will get in touch.

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By accepting to receive your Direct Booking Page, you are accepting the inCast terms of service without exclusivity, you will be able to share the page with your customers and people who contact you directly. You will be an inCast partner and will follow the rules of each project that you are part of through our intermediation and zeal with the terms of the briefings and information of each campaign.


I received my exclusive Direct Booking page, now what?

Once you receive your exclusive Direct Booking page, you can:

1. Share the link with your clients and everyone who invites you to projects

2. Put the link on your profile on social media (it can be on a linktree or similar service)

All invitations you receive through your page go straight to inCast virtual agents. That way, we respond quickly, and you can increase your chances of being hired, more is more and better!

3. Share your content on your social networks and tag so that our inCasters can see your content, present it to our customers and repost it on our social networks!


Links in the profile are not mandatory, they only guarantee more project opportunities for you, represented by inCast.

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inCast is one of the largest influencer marketing companies with more than 7200 influencers hired in Brazil, USA, France, Spain, England and Australia.

We have clients like TikTok, Amazon, Visa, Heineken, Magazine Luiza, among many others.

Our goal is to offer security and opportunity, putting you in the spotlight for our brands and customers.

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¹inCast's commission on closed projects is negotiated as an additional value for the services provided with the brand when hiring you. We do not charge commission on top of the values ​​offered for your content.

²Bonification for each contact/project proposal: We offer $25 for each proposal/conversation we have with any brand/company that is interested in working with you, received through your custom media kit. This value is valid only for brand/company contacts received until June 10, 2022.