TikTok Campaign Rules

a. Video-specific requirements:


i. (i) Videos on TikTok



1.  Video must be full-screen vertical (9:16) (not square, not horizontal, no white/black bars around the videos.)



2.  The videos should be 15 seconds. (Anything under 5 seconds or over 30 seconds will not pass quality checks.)



3.  Content must not be a lip sync video (i.e. singing along to lyrics) and more than a simple selfie.



4.  Maximum of 1 “effect” per video



5.  Video must be high-quality (nothing scratchy, grainy, inappropriate.etc)



6.  Unless video includes spoken dialogue / original sound, the video must incorporate a song or sound available in-app.



7.  Video must be posted within the timeframe of the campaign (30 videos in 30 days)



8.  Videos and caption must not include promotional material for your Instagram / YouTube account or any other social media accounts in the video.


9.  Video and caption must not include a display of violence, weapons, pornography, nudity, sexual behavior, alcohol/tobacco abuse, vulgarity in behavior or language, cyberbullying, and extremely bloody/uncomfortable makeup effects.



10.  Must adhere to TikTok Community Guidelines including

a. Video content should NOT  include the following or any activity

that could encourage users to do the same:

b. Harmful or dangerous content

c. Graphic or shocking content

d. Illegal activities

e. Discrimination or hate speech

f. Nudity or sexual activity

g. Child safety infringement

h. Harassment or cyberbullying

i. Impersonation, spam, or other misleading content

j. Violations of Intellectual property



11.  Caption must not exceed 150 Characters (including Hashtags.)


12.  Caption must include FTC disclosure - #ad or #sponsored.


13.  Maximum of 3 hashtags



b. Set Up


1.  Name: Short and memorable profile name


2.  Bio: describe who you are + what kind of videos you make Photo: showcase your personality


3.  Socials: Link your other social media accounts



c. Best practices for a good TikTok-style video


1.  Have a strong opening shot to hook the viewer


2.  Make sure your content looks bright, colorful and visually appealing


3.  Use sounds / music from the TikTok library as background music to

elevate the video content and keep the viewer watching


4.  Have a twist / unique ending to encourage viewers to share your video


5. Captions:  clearly describe your video and do NOT spam the caption with unrelated hashtags.



Q: After filling out the agreement can I just start posting?

A: No, you need to wait for our team to contact you and give you the green light.

Q: Why do I need to send a W9 form?

A: Because if you get renewed on the campaign we will pay you more than $600, and we will need to fill out a 1099 form to you.


Q: Is this campaign one month only or it is a monthly campaign?

A: Everyone in this campaign has the chance to be renewed for the following month, it all depends on the quality of your videos and the number of views you get. This is why we encourage everyone to repost TikTok videos on the Instagram calling everyone to follow you on TikTok.


Q: Do I need to use any specific hashtag?

A: Yes, you need to use #ad or #sponsored.


Q: Can I post videos with a different content we agreed?

A: It's better just to post the campaign videos but if you really want to post something else just don't use the #ad on those ones and be aware that those videos are not going to count for the campaign. In order to finish the campaign, you will need to post 30 videos with the agreed content.


Q: When I'm going to get paid?

A: The payment is due 30 days after the end of the campaign.


Q: Can I refer a friend who wants to participate? How can I make it?

A: Sure, we are always open to referrals. Just talk to the producer who is in contact with you.