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Are you doing Influencer Marketing the right way?

After all these years we can have one thing certain: influencer marketing is here to stay. Did you predict that in 2019 influencers would still be a thing? Yeah, it took a lot of people by surprise. But here we are, in a world where pretty much doesn’t matter what you sell, but who has it and who wants it. If you can pay influencers to get the attention of the right people you might just hit the jackpot.

Influencers marketing is a great way to get brand awareness and convert new customers. Ok, this might be easier said than done. The process of finding the right influencer for your brand can be challenging because you never know if this influencer’s audience will really have a connection with your brand. It’s all about experimenting with a different influencer and tracking the results, making sure to understand how many conversions your campaign generated and calculate your ROI. Is really important to analyse the analytics of your campaign. You might even find new insights about your target audience behaviour that can be essential for your marketing efforts.  

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before starting an influencer marketing campaign.

  • What do you want to promote? A product, service, activations or brand awareness;

  • What is your target audience?

  • What is the main idea, message or promotion you want to share?

  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

  • What is the budget you want to invest in influencer marketing?

Great! If you answered all these questions you can now start planning your influencer marketing strategy. You have answered the foundation of your campaign. It is important that the messaging for this campaign is consistent in your marketing mix, from email marketing to OOH. Make sure you take the previous answers in considerations when answering the next set of questions.

  • What social platform(s) will you use for my influencer campaign?

  • What are your KPIs?

  • What is the best social platform for your influencer marketing campaign?

  • Do you want to have nano, micro or macro influencers in your campaign? (Do you know the difference in reach, conversions and brand awareness?)

  • What influencers do you choose for your campaign?  (Make sure you understand why you picked each influencer);

  • Have any of the influencers you selected for your campaign worked with any of your competitors?

  • What is the engagement rate for each influencer you selected for your campaign?

If you are managing your own influencer marketing campaign it might take a few campaigns to understand what influencer works best with your brand. Just remember, you want the campaign to look as organic as possible. Do not use the influencer as just a quick tool to sell your product or service, nowadays we see brands treating influencer as a long term partnership rather than just posting one video and quickly going for the next influencer. As we see this new trend we can tell that the influencer business is starting to feel more honest and real. When influencers partner with a brand for a long time it’s natural that they have enough exposure with your brand to really understand and support your product or service. They might just do more than just promote your brand, they might even become real advocates. Just understand that the content creators are expecting a sense of freedom in their creations because they know their audience the best. Make sure you are taking the time to make them feel comfortable in your campaign and hear them out.

A great option is to hire an agency that can guide you through this process. Agencies have the experience of working with different brands and influencers so they know what would be best for your brand’s specific needs. They take care of your influencer campaign by creating marketing strategies that will increase ROI. They also will be selecting, managing and negotiating with the influencers (yes, you don’t have to do any of this). Here at inCast we’ve helped brands achieve great results while always taking into consideration their KPIs. Your brand’s objectives and goals are our driven force. It doesn’t matter if you are new to influencer marketing or if you are looking to improve your influencer marketing campaigns, we are here to help your brand make the right impact.

Are you ready to start your influencer marketing campaign? Our campaign experts will design the map to get you the perfect campaign. Contact us at (424) 444-3076 or email us at



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