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TikTok Creative Learning Fund

inCast has recently partnered with TikTok and we have an amazing opportunity for you!

TikTok recently launched the TikTok Creative Learning Fund and we think you would be a great fit to launch this fund with us based on your awesome content! If you decide to join, you would then be part of a select group of creators working directly with the TikTok team to produce video content! We at inCast will be here to guide and see you through the entire process.

What is the TikTok Creative Learning Fund?

With tens of millions of students around the world out of school, educators and parents need help facilitating ongoing learning from a distance. The same is true for the millions of creative professionals; from nonprofits, like museums, to those in the wellness industry. Creative educational creators on social platforms include educators, professional experts, and nonprofits whose real-world skills and expertise can help spread educational information and useful course material in an accessible, distance-learning format.

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